SMHS Ltd has been working on standardising STANAG 4406 Edition 2 Elements of Service for Internet Email. Registration of Military Message Handling System (MMHS) header fields for use in Internet Mail (RFC 6477) specifies the core MMHS header field definitions to support the provision of STANAG 4406 MMHS over Internet Email and also provides for a STANAG 4406 / Internet Email Gateway supporting message conversion compliant to the RFC.

In order to help gain wider adoption of this approach for MMHS over SMTP, SMHS has prototyped a number of extensions to popular email clients. These extensions enable:

      • An MMHS User to compose a standards compliant MMHS Message over SMTP
      • Syntax Checking of the inputted MMHS Fields on Submission
      • An MMHS User to be displayed, on reception, a standards compliant MMHS Message

SMHS have also been developing an MMHS Profile that specifies a set of standards and further refines the use of those standards in order to facilitate a MMHS Service over the Internet Email protocols. 

On this initiative, SMHS have been collaborating closely with Isode Ltd. MMHS Over SMTP has been documented in a Isode Whitepaper which delivers a detailed synopsis of the approaches that are being taken in order to make this a reality. Isode have enhanced their M-Switch capability in R15.0 and R16.0 to support the RFC’s and Internet Drafts outlined in this whitepaper in order to deliver a MMHS Over SMTP capability.